Claire responds to a lighting design brief with an understanding that every product has specific material and commercial perimeters. The originality in her creative approach is highly valued by her retail and manufacturing partners and the designs always demonstrate Claire's personal handwriting, yet evidence her awareness and wealth of knowledge of the contemporary homewares market.

Examples of recent design commissions can be seen below

plumen 003

Plumen 003

Plumen are re-known for pushing the boundaries of light bulb design Claire felt very privileged to be involved in such a ground-breaking product as the 003. The essence of the design was to re-capture the fascination and magic created in the ‘artificial sunshine’ of those first light bulbs.

Claire worked closely with the creative and engineering members of the Plumen team to design each element to the bulb, including the brass reflector and the glass envelope.  

Crystalline for Habitat

Claire was commissioned by Habitat to design a statement pendant/contemporary chandelier that is high end with a target retail of £250-300.

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plumen for made.jpg

Plumen for

Claire was commissioned by Plumen to design both the Temple and Memoir lighting collections for While each project was to have a different look and material feel, both were designed to celebrate and encapsulate the sculptural form of the 002 bulb.

The creative vision for the designs reference historical product typologies yet the series of sketches and renderings demonstrate the journey as the contemporary designs evolve.

Both collections were launched in Autumn 2016. 



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