Graduating with a degree in Embroidery isn’t the usual route into a career in lighting design, yet Claire’s highly creative practice has evolved over many years to encompass everything from handcrafted exhibition pieces, to successful products for Habitat and other retailers.

Read on to find out more about her unique creative approach, design process and commercial experience.

claire norcross lighting designer

Original and Creative
Design Approach

Claire’s signature style is based around her love of organic forms and natural structures. Each project begins from a body of extensive research, ensuring integrity and originality.

Whether the project is a Christmas garland or a sculptural chandelier, the products demonstrate Claire’s intuitive approach to structure and great



Commercial Mindset

Claire is able to undertake a wide range of lighting design briefs and has a great understanding of the commercial needs across a lighting range, from entry level products to high end crafted pieces.

Claire brings with her over 15 years of knowledge and awareness of the lighting and homewares market and understands that the success of a product is largely based on the fine balance between design vision,




Having designed a lighting collection for a high-street retailer and establishing her own company Luminosity, Claire has a unique insight into the design and development process involved across a range of lighting, from entry priced products to high end crafted pieces.

Claire’s work has been exhibited internationally in Milan, Sydney and Shanghai and her Eight-fifty light has been included in the permanent collections of the Design Museum and Manchester Art Gallery.




‘Modelling is an essential part of the product design process -the first time the design is seen in physical 3D. Claire’s skills with different materials, in particular paper, allowed us to establish the strengths and flaws of our designs, enabling us to try a variety of ideas in quick succession and make assessments from there.

Claire has that combination of great eye, core design skills and technical manufacturing knowledge -the hallmark of many a great designer.'
Michael-George Hemus, Co-founder of Plumen





From her experience as Design Manager of Lighting at Habitat, Claire has a great understanding of a variety of productions methods, from metal work, acrylic moulding to paper folding.

Over the years Claire has built strong relationships with manufacturing partners to understand how objects are made and challenge the limitations of a material or production technique. She is able to design and develop a range of projects, from bespoke interior lighting, to mass-produced designs.




Future Trends

Developing commercial products requires Claire to continually update her knowledge of new material developments and cutting edge lighting technologies.

To ensure that her products are developed within visible trends of the homewares market, Claire has established a studio practice which continually collects and collates visual influences gathered from a wide range of historical and contemporary sources.

Claire visits key trade fairs and exhibitions throughout the year, including the London Design Festival, Maison et Objetand Milan.