“‘Design Classic’ is an over-used phrase in this industry, but I expect it to be associated with the work of Claire Norcross for a long time to come.”
Terence Conran

Claire Norcross is an award-winning designer specialising in lighting, and offers a design and consultancy service for both the commercial and bespoke markets.

Claire is best known for the range of designs produced whilst head of lighting at Habitat. These include Spindle, Newton and Ribbon; which received the ‘Best in Lighting’ award from Elle Decoration magazine in 2006.

The Aperture light, seen above, was a best seller at Habitat since it was launched in 2005. The demise of this iconic store has presented an opportunity for Claire to begin Luminosity, a new business to design, import and distribute Aperture and a number of other new designs to retailers and customers nationally and internationally.

Our new stock has now arrived and we are pleased to announce that John Lewis and a number of independent design retailers, such as Ferrious and Snow Home have included Aperture in their latest collections. Please see the Aperture page for more information. If you are interested to stock Aperture please contact or 0845 465 5585 and a representative will be able to assist you further.

T: +44 (0)785 540 8268